Colored Gemstone Testers

Synthetic Ruby Identifier (SRI)

Instantaneously identifies synthetic rubies through its high UV transmittance.

The Synthetic Ruby Identifier by Presidium is a ground-breaking desktop device that instantaneously identifies synthetic (flame fusion) rubies through its characteristic high UV transmittance. Utilizes UV light with auto cut-off and gives quick results with clear indicator lights to measure the UV transmittance ability of ruby gemstones.

Works on both single mounted stones (with open-back setting) and loose rubies.


  • Advanced technology that measures a ruby gemstone’s UV light transmittance ability
  • 7 colour coded (blue/red) indicator light bars to give a low or high reading of UV light transmittance
  • Instantaneous clear results within 2 seconds
  • Exterior base foam padding to ensure non-slip sturdiness and prevent scratches to surfaces
  • Stream-lined ergonomic design that enhances portability and stability
  • Low battery indicator
  • Energy-saving auto power-off of device after 10 minutes without operation
  • Interior LED light source and testing area
  • Energy-saving auto power-off of interior LED light source when lid of device is open or when Start Test button is not activated
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • USB port for alternative power source and connectivity


  • Help to instantaneously identify most synthetic flame fusion rubies
  • Tests on rubies within a range in dimension from 3 mm in width and up to 6mm in height (approx. 0.1 to 6 carat size)
  • Tests on polished rubies of popular common shapes
  • Can be used on both loose stones and rubies mounted on jewelry with open-back setting


Power & Battery

4 x AAA alkaline batteries

USB port to be used with USB cable and appropriate Presidium Universal USB Power Adaptor

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 130mm (5.12 inches)

Width: 100mm (3.94 inches)

Height:65mm (2.56 inches)

Weight (without batteries): 220grams (7.76 oz)

How It Works Video