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Developed by Presidium to identify diamonds against a wider range of moissanites, including the new “Low Conductivity Moissanite” made from various countries, and other diamond simulants through its highly sensitive thermoelectrical probe tip

Product Description

Product Description

Presidium SAM verifies the authenticity of colorless diamonds, as small as 0.01 carats, against a wider range of moissanites from various countries and other diamond simulants through a higher resolution of thermal and electrical conductivity.

Showcasing a sleek chrome brushed ergonomic grip and dynamic micro LED display, Presidium SAM ensures ease of usability and distinctly clear result display while testing.

Presidium SAM is powered by 3 AAA batteries or through its USB port connected to external power source.


  • Distinguishes diamonds from moissanites, including the new “low conductivity moissanite”, and its simulants.
  • Highly sensitive retractable thermoelectrical probe capable of identification in a higher resolution and consistent contact between probe and gemstone.
  • Utilizes technology that does not compromise user’s safety.
  • Industry’s thinnest probe tip (0.45mm) for testing gemstones as small as 0.01 carats


  • Industry’s fastest start up and testing time
  • Dynamic display with micro LED for clear and distinct results.
  • Sleek chrome-brushed ergonomic grip
  • Metal Alert to ensure contact with gemstone during testing
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries
  • USB port for alternative power source


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Additional Information

Product comes with 1-year warranty.

Product can be powered by 3 AAA batteries or by power cable attached to its USB port.