Presidium Carat Scale – 100n

Carat Scale (PCS-100n)

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The new and improved PCS-100n measures diamond and gemstones up to 100.00 carats and no longer needs to be calibrated each time the scale is shut off.


Product Description

Product Description

The new and improved Presidium Carat Scale – 100n utilizes advanced circuitry design and surface-mount technology to measure diamonds and precious gemstones up to 100.00ct precisely, for long periods of continuous usage. Each scale comes with its corresponding weight reference of 100.00ct/20g for calibration.

The Presidium Carat Scale – 100n is a compact and portable scale that no longer needs to be calibrated each time the scale is shut off and can also be powered up by 4 x AAA batteries or by a USB adaptor.

Product comes with 1-year warranty.


  • Weighing Capacity: 100.00ct/20g – PCS-100n
  • Division Size of diamonds and gemstones: d=0.002g/0.01ct/0.05gr/0.001ozt
  • Weight mode selection (carat, ozt, grain, gram)
  • Tare/Weight function
  • Automatic calibration with 100.00ct/20g calibration reference included
  • Powered up by 4 x AAA batteries or USB adaptor (optional item)
  • Energy-saving auto power off function of 10 minutes after last measurement
  • Low battery indicator


  • Weighs diamonds and gemstones up to 100.00ct
  • Take precise and professional measurements to 0.01ct/0.002g
  • Do not need to calibrate each time the scale is shut off
  • Clear and visible digital display for ease of reading measurements
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compact and portable scale


  • Length: 152mm (5.98 inches)
  • Width: 110mm (4.33 inches)
  • Height:41mm (1.61 inches)
  • Weight: 20g

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Additional Information

Can be powered up by 4 x AAA batteries or through USB adaptor (optional item)

Product comes with 1-year warranty