Why doesn’t my tester work when powered with an AC adaptor?

Only use the AC adaptor supplied by Presidium, otherwise the polarity of the plug might not be suitable. Remove the AC adaptor from the inlet and try operating it with batteries. If the tester is operating normally using batteries, the AC adaptor is not working. If the tester is not working when using batteries, the tester is faulty. In the event that the tester is not working when using batteries, please send the unit to the authorized dealer nearest to you for repair.

Why does moissanite register as diamond when using my PMuT with a metal tray?

a) Forming incomplete test loop
PMuT provides results by using both the electrical and thermal conductivity property of gemstones. Moissanite is conductive while diamond is not. Hence, it is important to place the stone on a metal tray and to hold the metal tray with one hand and the tester with another to form a complete electrical loop. Otherwise, moissanite will not be conductive and PMuT will register diamond.

b) Property of moissanite The uneven distribution of impurities in moissanite could also cause the above observation. Hence, try to take a few tests at the girdle and different locations on the table for better results.

Why can’t the reflectivity reset to zero on my PRM/PDT?

Ensure that the protective cover is replaced by the cylinder before pressing the Display button. When the protective cover touches the aperture of the light ray and sensor, some light will be reflected and the 7-segment LED will display a reading.

Why do I get inconsistent readings for loose stones from PGT/PDT?

When heat is conducted from the probe tip to the stone, the meter indicates the heat conductivity of the stone. The reading falls once the heat saturates. It is advisable to place the stone on a metal tray (optional accessory) to enhance heat conductivity.

Always allow the stone to cool before subsequent tests.

How do I read the test results on the meter display of my PGT/PDT?

Please refer to the figure below. For a given position of indicator, all the gemstones that fall along the indicator and within the white strip are possible gemstones. Please note that the readings will fluctuate. Kindly refer to item 1.
For the figure below, the possible gemstones are Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Quartz, Amethyst or Citrine.