Frequently Asked Questions


Why doesn’t my tester work when powered with an AC adaptor?
Why does moissanite register as diamond when using my PMuT with a metal tray?
Why do I sometimes hear intermittent beeping when testing gemstones with my PDMT/PMuT?
Why do I get inconsistent readings from my PRM/PDT?
Why can’t the reflectivity reset to zero on my PRM/PDT?

Scales (PCS-50LFT, PCS-100)

Why doesn’t my scale show accurate readings?
Which are the applicable states for my PCS-50LFT?
What should I do when “EEEEE” appears on my display screen?
Why do I get inconsistent readings from the Presidium Carat Scale (PCS)?

Gauges(PDG, PEGG & PGCG)

My PGCG unit doesn’t have the gemstone information I need in my measurement.
How can I measure a diamond’s depth when it is mounted on a ring?
Why can’t I connect my PGCG on my Mac computer?
Can I apply oil/grease on the Slider to smoothen it sliding?
My Presidium Electronic Gemstone Gauge (PEGG)/ Presidium Dial Gauge (PDG)/ Presidium Gem Computer Gauge (PGCG) is not accurate.

Engraving Machines(PIREM, PJEM)

Why does my ring move during engraving?
Why are my characters deformed while engraving?
Why are my engraved letters distorted?

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